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WELCOME,  Thank you for visiting.
Over the past ten years I have dedicated my professional career to public service 
and education. Seeking to advance education opportunity for all is now my 
life's passion. Please contact me should you need assistance with Business Management, Consulting, Training, or Speaking Engagement assistance.  
I am an expert in Business Ethics, Management and Leadership topics. 
Experience Matters
                Trust Matters
ACC Trustee
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Professor of Business
former Chair of the Board of Trustees, ACC ;  former Mayor Pro Tem of Leander
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Multiple Instructors
​1) A Better Way: : "Accreditation Matters"
2) Learning on your Time: "Flexibility that Works"
3) It’s Go Time "It’s Go Time" &  
                          "Return on Your Investment"

Solo Videos
4) Return on Investment (click Here)
5) Flexible Online College Courses (Click Here)
Writer /
Business Consultant
"Victor Villarreal worked tirelessly to give his hometown of Leander, TX equal access 
to higher education and continues to be a champion of higher education today." 

~ The White House
September, 2011

ACC Video
Dr. Vic in National Strayer Videos
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Dr Villarreal is recognized by the 
Norton Moses Masonic Lodge of Leander
Dr. Villarreal recognized as a Champion of Change 
in Education by The White House ~ 2011
Dr. Villarreal appointed to Alliance 4 Public Transportation (APT), Board of Directors. ~ 2012 
The Champions of Change program is part of President Obama's "Winning the Future" initiative, as the White House strives to 
"out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world."
Dr. Villarreal is named Citizen of the Year by the Leander Chamber of Commerce - Sept. 2014
Dr. Villarreal is elected Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Austin Community College Dist.