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Whether you are looking for:
 a fresh perspective
professional training session or 
project champion 
on leadership, management or business ethics challenges, Dr. Villarreal will use his years of experience to fit your needs. 
Professional  Advising
Speaking / Presenting
Expertise and Professionalism

Experience & 
Trust Matters
Business advisors need to be confident, knowledgeable and strategic, but most importantly - trusted.  Dr. Villarreal is a trusted business and civic leader with the expertise to move your business leadership, management and ethical goals forward. 
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Speakers and presenters should not only impart knowledge, but should also make an impact. Dr. Villarreal speaks and presents with a strong emphasis on creating pathways toward improvement and positive change. Knowledge matters, making an impact motivates!
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 (ACC Conf.on Immigraton, 2010)
Writing / Research
Expert research can create opportunities for innovation and success. 
Dr. Villarreal blends vision with research to create organizational reporting, reviews and analysis on business operations, management, leadership and ethical policy leading to the achievement of goals. 
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Ethics Auditing
Dr. Villarreal uses affirmative inquiry and scenario based learning techniques to demonstrate best practices in decision-making and leadership. Placing learners into situations where real-life human impacts become fully considered along with real business realties underscores the importance of ethical and responsible business decision-making
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If you have wondered how to make your business more visible by leveraging the good things that you do? 
It’s not difficult. 
Dr. Villarreal will survey and review your current practices and offer a pathway toward increased ethical identity and public perception; the benefits of which could positively change your business forever. 

My Personal 
Client Goal:

Create Strategies 
Leading to 
Meaningful Solutions
Contact Dr. Villarreal for more Info.
Contact Dr. Villarreal for more Info.
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Provided via,
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